Frequently asked Questions

Samantha has had over 10 years of photographing people, children & within the fashion industry. This not only means that she has a keen eye for making sure your shirts, ties & hair is in place but also she prides herself on making you look your best. She knows that not everyone is comfortable in front of the lens and part of her skill is to make this an enjoyable experience for all of your team not just the naturally blessed ones.

Firstly you will need to establish what sort of background you would like. We can come with a standard colour or neutral background but often part of your office can also be used.

We have an email document that can be sent out to all employees taking part. This will inform them of what to wear and what to expect on the day. Everyone will be given a specific time for their portrait so there is limited waiting around.

Once we have discussed your particular requirements and arranged a shoot date. The actual shoot itself with each person will take less than 10 minutes. On the shoot day we will select the preferred image(s) with each person.
You will receive your lightly retouched images within 7 days of the shoot day via a disc / USB posted to your office or via a link.

We are more than happy to work with your graphic team to ensure we deliver images both high resolution and low resolution so that they can be used for web and print purposes.